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Neil Coates


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Full Name: Neil Coates

Professions: Regional & National Pure Elite Competitor | Pure Elite Pro | Personal Trainer

Recent Accolades: 2019 Pure Elite World Championships

Bio: Neil has always had an enthusiastic interest in bodybuilding from a young age. From age sixteen, Neil was enjoying life, smoking and drinking on a regular basis.

Fast forward to age 30, Neil was smoking 30 cigarettes a day, he had a girlfriend and 2 beautiful daughters, he realised his trousers were getting tighter and he decided I didn’t want to be 40 years of age, unfit & unhappy so he quit smoking. Neil took up martial arts and relocated to North Wales from South Wales, where he could no longer practice the art form he had started. Neil joined the gym, got a job as a firefighter and started teaching group exercise.

Neil brought a fitness program called Cage Fitness from the US to the UK and started running local classes and eating more healthy. Things rapidly progressed and Neil became an international fitness presenter and travelled the world running master classes and events and researching nutrition and training. Neil learnt so much about the body and finally achieved a long term goal of getting a 6 pack in 2013! This gave him a further injection of motivation and he ended up running his own gym and become a qualified Personal Trainer. He then decided he wanted to present his hard work to others and looked into finding a federation. "Pure Elite was recommended to me, so in July 2017 with the massive support of my now fiancé Cara I entered my first competition with Pure Elite and won 2 x 3rd place trophies!" "Again fueled on and loving the challenge and also enjoying the experience of being able to make changes to my body in a positive way, I pushed forward, and finally in April 2018 I gained my Pro Card, my first Pro Show was in November 2018 where I placed 3rd in the World in the over 45’s masters fitness model category. Neil is now entering his 5th competition, November 2019, where he would love to obtain that 1st place in the masters category.

"I’m so grateful and honoured that Grant Hodnett has offered me a chance to become a part of such an amazing team with amazing products. GHN is fast becoming a brand to be part of as i've only heard positive things". Neil is the latest athlete to graduate from the GHN academy into the sponsored athlete team.

About GHN

GH Nutrition was founded in 2015 by an ex-professional sportsman Grant Hodnett and is based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. Whether it's better nutrition, a healthier lifestyle, or that next big competition, GHN is the ultimate in providing the products you need to achieve your physical performance and results. 


"The products are great and there's nothing better than a GHN Whey protein shake after a tough session - especially during the gruelling weeks of pre-season!" 

Helen Ward, Watford LFC & Wales