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Never A Victim, Forever A Fighter - Paul Remmer

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From the age of 5 years old Paul Remmer was tragically raped and abused and he very nearly ended his life due to this experience. Paul was brave and kept his horrendous experience a secret for over 19 years!! The long term effect of the ordeal made Paul's everyday life a struggle but he tried to forget.

His health suffered, he lost weight dramatically & was regularly visiting the doctors. His only way he coped was by being out and about and by deflecting his mind to sport.

"The moment i knew I could tell my girlfriend (now wife) I felt instant relief, just to be able to share with someone was significant and also to know I was believed.
Life went on but my state of mind was affected. In addition my health started to deteriorate again.
I managed my life on a day to day basis as best as I could & as best i knew. I managed to sustain my job and kept our family life together.  
The abuse ate away at my soul, i began to sink into depression, i lost my business as I could not concentrate and hated being on my own.
By now everything had got the better of me, i just couldn't cope and deal with my demons. I was ready to end it all again, it felt like i had been totally taken over by something or someone and i had no control over it.
In December 2015, I got a call to say he had pleaded guilty.The day of the sentencing was a very stressful and emotional ordeal, but i finally got justice.
My life is firmly back on track, but i keep focused mentally and physically. This is the best way for me to keep my mental health well.
Initially Paul did his first ever competition in York 2016 because he thought "WHY NOT!!" He was also recovering from spinal surgery in December 2015. He knew he needed to build muscle for a stronger core & everything else just followed.
Paul's first competition he entered, was a week before. "I was sat in the audience watching and trying to pick up some tips. Then it was my turn, I was a bag of nerves but I did it and I came away with a 3rd place and qualifying for the British finals in the Men’s Physique over 35's. I was introduced to Charlie Garforth, a prep coach. I had to qualify again for the finals, so in May 2017 I entered the Bodypower Classic and placed 2nd. I wasn’t happy at that, I wanted to win so I entered the Scottish Championships where I won my 1st show in Men’s Physique and then I knew I had a chance of winning the final. My coach Charlie Garforth knew how much I wanted it and took my body to the best I’ve ever been. The final was not until the end of year so I entered a fitness model show with Pure Elite, where I won both of my categories and received my PRO card and was entered into the world championships the day before the finals in Men’s Physique.
The weekend had come, a year on from where I never placed. First I competed with Pure Elite where I placed 2nd and 3rd. The next day was the one I wanted to win "The UkUP British Championships" and that is what I did, I won exactly a year on and received a pro card in that federation. Then the most amazing thing happened, I got my ambassador sponsorship with GHN which has led to a full sponsorship, the products have significantly made a difference to me achieving my results, so i recommend them to anyone wishing to achieve or improve physically. In May 2018 I entered the WORLD ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIPS which I won, never did I think I would be a world champion or get my body in the shape i only ever saw in magazines. I featured and shared my story in Muscle & Fitness Magazine UK. My message to anyone is, "Never give up or ever think you can’t achieve something in life, no matter how difficult life is or has been". 

Never A Victim, Forever A Fighter - Paul Remmer

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